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SAMT and Rah-e-Sa’adat University of Afghanistan signed MOU


The Organization for Researching and Composing University Textbooks in the Humanities (SAMT) and the Rah-e-Sa’adat University of Afghanistan signed MOU on Scientific Cooperation.

The ceremony of signing the MOU between SAMT and Rah-e-Sa’adat university was held in the presence of Dr. Ahmad Ahmadi, the President of SAMT, Gholamsarvar Sa’adat, the Head of the Board of Trustees of "Rah-e-Sa"adat" University, and some of SAMT’s executives including  Dr. Seyed Rasoul Mousavi, the Advisor to the president of SAMT in International Affairs, Dr. Shohreh Roughani, the Director of the Management of International Scientific Cooperation of SAMT and Dr. Seyed Hossein Kazemi, the Director of Sales and Marketing of SAMT.

During the meeting the President of SAMT expressing his condolence to the people of Afghanistan on the recent terroristic incidents and referring to the cultural and scientific activities of Gholamsarvar Sa’adat as the representative of SAMT in Afghanistan, said same as SAMT which has its own mission in Iran, Mr. Sa’adat and the Rah-e-Sa’adat University have a mission in Afghanistan. The people of Afghanistan are religious and hundreds of them are poets, professors and scholars in the field of the Humanities.

“Based on the Supreme Leader’s quote, we consider Afghanistan as one of our cultural members and we have never looked at this country as an alien. We hope you will be effective in consolidating this link”, added Dr. Ahmadi.

Gholamsarvar Sa’adat referred to the Rah-e-Sa’adat University of Afghanistan’s activities and mentioned that the colonialism has divided Iran and Afghanistan; however, we have never felt ourselves separated from Iran. The fifty-year war has destroyed the scientific foundations of Afghanistan. A significant part of Afghanistan’s university textbooks are supplied by Iran and most of the university textbooks of Afghanistan in the field of the Humanities are SAMT’s books.

The Rah-e-Sa’adat University’s Head of the Board of Trustees declared that we have chosen SAMT consciously and our country wants to benefit from your scientific achievements. There is no possibility for us to establish the organizations like SAMT and it might take many years; therefore, we have decided to use the outcomes of your endeavors same as before.

At the end of the meeting   Dr. Ahmad Ahmadi, the president of SAMT and Gholamsarvar Sa’adat, The Rah-e-Sa’adat University’s Head of the Board of Trustees signed the MOU on scientific research cooperation  between the two scientific institutions.

The Higher Education Institute of Rah-e-Sa’adat, with two branches in the cities of Balkh and Takhar, has 4 faculties including Education, Law and Political Sciences, Economics and Accounting and Engineering, as well as 19 active departments having 250 faculty members.





11:07 - 06/02/2018

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