To achieve its international objectives, the International Affairs Department tries to accomplishe the following missions:                                                                                                                         
1. Exploring the outlines and developing the connections and interactions between SAMT and analogous foreign centers in the humanities and Islamic Sciences
2. Creating scientific and research transactions and producing scientific works to be used in universities, centers and seminaries in Iran and overseas
3. Preparing, producing, translating and publishing books and scientific sources for universities, proportional to the needs of the international community


The functions of the department are as follows:                                                   
1.    Producting or coming upwith the required books and educational sources of foreign countries, and preparing, localizing and supplying needed books, especially in Persian literature, Iran studies, Oriental studies and Islamic studies in cooperation and collaboration with the relevant units of SAMT and similar foreign centers
2.    Organizing seminars and professional meetings, inviting foreign experts to conduct fundamental studies and using the findings to compile articles, textbooks and sources for universities and seminaries in Iran, as well as overseas
3.    Recognizing, investigating, evaluating and criticizing the contents and appearance of the books and scientific works of the world’s scholars in order to translat them in to Persian and other languages, and publishing them in cooperation with the relevant units of SAMT
4.    Forging bonds between religious scholars and university professors of Iran and overseas
5.    Developing collaboration with ministries, organizations and scientific and publishing centers of seminars and universities and other active public and state centers in Iran and overseas
6.    Conducting negotiation and establishing collaboration to take the requisite licenses from Iranian and foreign publishers and compilers to translate their works in to Persian and other languages
7.    Giving information and doing effective marketing for the productions of SAMT

These are the main activities of the department:
1) Preparing and compiling textbooks and supplementary materials for Persian language, Iran studies, Islamic studies and Oriental studies courses in other countries
2) Composing and translating textbooks, supplementary and fundamental books in the humanities from Persian to other languages within the framework of the Memorandums of Understanding signed with universities and scientific centers of other countries
3) Giving the order of translating and composing textbooks and supplementary materials  to university professors and researchers in other countries based on the needs of the university community of Iran and overseas.

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