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A delegation from Herat University of Afghanistan paid a visit to SAMT

Abdollah Faez, the Head of the Herat University of Afghanistan along with Oveis Azadani, the Dean of the Faculty of Social and Mystical Sciences and the Faculty of Journalism and Communication Sciences of the university paid a visit to SAMT.

During a meeting Dr. Seyed Rasoul Mousavi, Advisor to the President of SAMT in International Affairs, while referring to the SAMT’s activities, said that after the victory of the Islamic Revolution and at the same time of changing the cultural environment of the universities, SAMT Organization undertook the responsibility of researching, compiling and producing textbooks in the Humanities. One of the diverse activities of SAMT is its international cooperation with other countries; the most developed one is its cooperation with the universities and research centers of Afghanistan.

“So far, SAMT in collaboration with the Ministry of Higher Education of Afghanistan has published 59 books of Afghanistan’s university professors. Beside the continuing the similar cooperation; SAMT is also ready to cooperate with Afghanistan’s universities in research, translation and writing joint books”, added Dr. Mousavi.

Dr. Shohreh Rowghani, the Director of the Management of International Scientific Cooperation of SAMT, referred to producing ESP books as one of SAMT’s activities and mentioned that producing textbooks for teaching English for specific purposes (ESP) in various academic fields including the Humanities, Basic Sciences, Technical and Engineering and Medicine based on the latest standardized language teaching methods is one of SAMT’s successes.

Abdollah Faez, the Head of Herat University, while expressing his satisfaction about visiting SAMT; said that Afghanistan’s university students need to learn English language to be able to communicate with other universities and scientific research centers all around the world. Supplying their needs in this field is one of our university’s goals.

The delegation from Harat University also had a meeting with the Vice-chancellor of SAMT’s President and the Deputy for Research, Dr. Mohammad Zabihi, the Director of Research, Dr. Mehdi Zare and Dr. Mohammad Reza Saeidi, the Deputy for Scientific and Technical Supervision of SAMT.

At the end, they paid a visit to the library of SAMT as well as an exhibition of the books published by SAMT for the universities of Afghanistan.




13:39 - 13/02/2018

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