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SAMT in Doha International Book Fair

A collection of SAMT’s books is presented in the Iranian Cultural Consultation Pavilion at the 28th Doha International Book Fair.

The books "Al-Adab al-Arabi-val-Iraniun", "Al-Naghd al-Arabi va Tatur feladab al-Arabi”, Al-Loghat-al-Arabiya al-Haditha", "AL-Jame fel-Aruz al-Arabi bain al-Nazarieh va Tatbigh”, Albayan fel Merat al-Adab al-Arabi va al-Farsi”, Menhaj al-Naghd-al-Adab-al-Arabi-al-Moaser”, “Al-Adab-al-Mogharen fi Iran va-al-Alam-al-Arabi”, Al-Bahs-al-Adabi Menhaja va Mosadera”, Jozur al-Ma’refa Derasa fi Ghazaya Asasiya le-elm al-Ma’rea”, “Translation Technique from Arabic to Farsi”, Analayzing Persian Poetry”, “Iranology”, “Miniature in Iran”, “the Principles of Glass Cutting”, Science of Fibers”, “the Art of The Art of Wood Carving”, Enamel on the Metal”, beside the collections of books in the area of Iranology, Iranian Tourism, Nature and Art in Iran are among the books exhibited in the 28th Doha International Book Fair.

Qatars 2017 Doha International Book Fair, with the motto of "Thoughtful Society", has been opened with the participation of 355 publishers from 29 Arab and non-Arab countries on November 29th  and will continue to  December 9th at the Doha Expo Center in Doha.

12:18 - 10/12/2017

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