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“We welcome the cooperation between Indian universities and SAMT”, said the Ambassador of India to Tehran.

Saurabh Kumar, the Ambassador of India to the Islamic Republic of Iran, met the officials of SAMT on Wednesday, August 16, 2017. During the visiting,  Dr. Ahmadi " the president of SAMT, while welcoming the Indian Ambassador, referred to the history of the cultural ties between Iran and India and said the history of the relationship between two countries dates back to the time of the Sassanid dynasty. The Sassanid king sent people to India to find hidden treasures; one of those treasures is “Kelileh va Demneh” which has been brought to Iran and translated into Persian.

The ties between Iran and India in different periods for instance Safavid period was deepened through Iranian poets’ traveling to India and composing their poems in that country. The interest of Indian people in great Iranian poets and scholars like Hafiz, Sa’di, Rumi and Ibne Sina is undeniable” Dr. Ahmadi added.

 “The leaders of independence and the anti-colonial struggles of India, like Gandhi, have always been inspirational for the Iranian people. Gandhis influential personality and his admiration for all the great religions are praiseworthy. Imam Hossein (PBUH) was his inspiration for the liberation of India from the domination of colonialism”, Dr. Ahmadi mentioned in his speech.

The president of the Organization for Researching and Composing University Textbooks in the Humanities (SAMT) cited that after the Islamic Revolution, SAMT is responsible to prepare and produce textbooks in the field of Humanities and by now it has made transformation in the Humanities through producing basic books and textbooks.


Saurabh Kumar while expressing his satisfaction about meeting Dr. Ahmadi, said that "Its a great honor for me to meet you. According to SAMT’s activities in Afghanistan, we welcome the mutual cooperation between Indian universities and SAMT organization.

“The Persian language is very sweet such that it can be taken as a valuable gift from Iran.  The history of using Persian language in India in one hand and the existence of numerous Persian manuscripts in India on the other hand have led to the daily use of modern Persian words and phrases in Hindi. The Indian Prime Minister during his trip to Iran provided facilities for publishing the precious manuscript of the book " Kelileh va Demneh "in collaboration with the cultural institutions of Iran. The meeting of the Prime Minister of India with Iran’s Supreme Leader and the President Dr. Rouhani was very fruitful and influential. The cultural ties between Iran and India can be considered as the bases for deep bilateral cooperation”, added the Ambassador.


During visiting Compilation Section in the presence of Dr. Mahmoud Javan, the director of compilation Section of SAMT, the Indian Ambassador and accompanied delegation became acquainted with the process of editing and producing the books.

At the end, the Indian delegation paid a visit to the special exhibition of SAMT’s books.


12:48 - 19/08/2017

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