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The Ambassador of Islamic Republic of Pakistan paid a visit to SAMT.

Dr. Asif Ali Khan Durrani, the Ambassador of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, along with Cultural attaché of the Embassy, paid an official visit to the Organization for Researching and Composing University Textbooks in the Humanities (SAMT) on Monday July 31, 2017.

 At the beginning of the visit Dr. Mousavi, the Deputy for International Affairs of SAMT, welcomed the Pakistani delegation and presented a report on SAMT’s activities especially in international department and declared that according to the deep-routed Historical and Cultural Commonalities between Iran and Pakistan, SAMT organization is interested in mutual research collaboration with Pakistan in the field of compiling university textbooks.

 During the meeting with Dr. Ahmad Ahmadi, the President of SAMT welcomed the delegation and said since the Islamic revolution in Iran SAMT organization is responsible to produce textbooks in the Humanities and so far, it has published 2030 textbooks as well as basic books in different fields of the Humanities in amount of 40 million copies. He also added “I hope more research cooperation with Pakistan due to the deep cultural and religious ties between two countries”.

 Ambassador Dr. Dorrani, while expressing his satisfaction about visiting SAMT organization said: I am deeply grateful to SAMT organization for its activities in the field of the Humanities and textbooks. Undoubtedly, there are educational, cultural and religious ties between Iran and Pakistan and throughout the history the cultural and brotherhood ties between two countries have been developed. In the present century development and advancement of knowledge has an important role. SAMT organization’s responsibility and services are in this regard.

 At the end of the visit, the Pakistani delegation accompanied by Dr. Saeedi, the Deputy for Scientific and Technical Supervision of SAMT, attended in Compilation Section of SAMT and got acquainted with the process of the books production in details.



10:57 - 01/08/2017

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