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“SAMT is a true example of an International Publisher” said Wael Ahmad Abdolghader.

A conference on university publication and collaboration with neighboring countries attended by Dr. Mohammad Reza Saeidi, Deputy for Scientific and Technical Affairs of SAMT, Wael Ahmad Abdolghader, Manger of Egyptian Cultural Assembly and Khosravian, Manager of Allameh Tabatabei university’s press was held on May 11, 2017.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Saeidi, introduced the Organization for Researching and Composing University Textbooks in the Humanities (SAMT) and referred to the international activities of the organization and said: since 1991 we have began to transfer the knowledge of Iranian professors to abroad. In the area of Arab countries, we have an agreement with the Ministry of Higher Education of Iraq for translation and teaching SAMT’s books in the universities of Iraq. In Syria, we had remarkable cooperation with the universities of the country in the field of Teaching Persian Language same as two Lebanon Centers  with which we began to cooperation in translating and publishing SAMT’s books. Recently, we have started to cooperate with Mr. Wael as the Manger of Egyptian Cultural Assembly in Egypt; the outcome of this cooperation is publication of four books of SAMT’s works in Cairo while two other books are under publication.

“We believe that in the area of knowledge we should cross borders because knowledge is a human heritage and it is the right of all people to take same share of it”, said Dr. Saeidi.

Deputy for scientific and technical affairs of SAMT added SAMT organization has published significant works in Russia, China, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, England and India. It can be said that we have created a belt of SAMT’s books in the world and God willing we will appropriately provide the world with scientific achievements of Islamic Republic of Iran.

Wael Ahmad Abdolghader, another speaker of the conference, expressed his thankfulness to SAMT organization and said: “I have to say that SAMT Organization is one of the best and greatest Iranian organizations and it knows well how to cooperate with international partners. Our cooperation with SAMT started with publishing its works in Egypt and from now on we will continue our collaboration with translation of SAMT’s books in Arabic. To complete such cooperation we could exhibit SAMT’s works in Cairo International Book Fair during two weeks on February, 2016. It was not easy to present SAMT Organization’s logo in Cairo exhibition because of the sensitive relationship between Iran and Egypt. It was a good experience for both sides. Egypt is the greatest Arab country. There are two thousands of students in the field of Persian Language as well as two hundred of professors who are teaching Persian Language in the country. SAMT is a true example of an International Publisher and I appreciate it.

At the end of the event, Khosravian congratulated SAMT organization for its scientific activities over the region and cited that to enter the international publishing market we should provide its infrastructures based on our Iranian Identity.

The conference ended with the question and answer session with the audience.


11:32 - 13/05/2017

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