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The Minister of Science, Research and Technology of Iran appreciated SAMT Organization’s International Activities

Dr. Mohammad Farhadi, Minister of Science, Research and Technology, in a letter addressed to the Dr. Ahmad Ahmadi, President of the Organization for Researching and Composing University Textbooks in the Humanities (SAMT) appreciated the President and all the people involved in SAMT for their International activities.  

 In his letter the Minister expressed his thankfulness to the directors and employees of SAMT because of their diverse International activities aimed at introducing the works of Iranian researchers in other countries, especially countries in the region.

The letter reads: "Hereby, I sincerely appreciate you and your respectful colleagues in SAMT Organization for your international activities and introducing the works of the professors and scholars of Iranian universities and research centers in other countries especially countries in the region as well as your endeavors in facilitating dissemination of these works in different countries. I pray The Almighty God, more success for you in this area".


09:43 - 09/04/2017

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