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Publication of SAMT’s Arabic book entitled«الادب المقارن فی ایران والعالم العربی» in Cairo

The book "«الادب المقارن فی ایران والعالم العربی " one of SAMT’s Arabic books written by Heidar Khezri, Phd, has been republished by the Egyptian Cultural Assembly in collaboration with the center for oriental languages’ Josur”  in Cairo.

The book comprises of three parts. The first part discusses about the comparative studies on Arabic and Persian literature as well as the internal and external factors affecting them. In the second part, the theoretical comparative studies are discussed. In this part, the most important books in the field of theoretical comparative Arabic-Persian references are introduced to the readers.

The third part covers the messages manifested in literary studies over the comparative studies between Arabic and Iranian writers. This part also provides a discussion about the traditional French School and American School, Slavs experience and the perspective of the modern comparative literature’s courses.

In addition to the aforementioned book, SAMT’s three other books namely "Teaching Persian to Arabic speakers," "The art of translation from Arabic into Farsi" and "Arab Literature and Iranians from the Beginning of Islamic Victory to the End of Baghdad Downfall" have been published in the Arabic Republic of Egypt.


11:53 - 07/03/2017

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