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SAMTs books in Cairo International Book Fair

Some of the latest publications of the Organization for Researching and Composing University Textbooks (SAMT) have been presented in 48th Cairo International Book Fair.

Two books of SAMT’s Arabic books entitled “Al-Adab Al-Arabi va Al-Iraniun” and “Al-Adab Al-Mogharen fi Iran va Al-Alam Al-Arabi” along with some of SAMT’s latest publications in the field of Literature, History and Language have been presented in the International Book Fair in Cairo in collaboration with Egyptian Cultural Assembly and the center for Oriental languages “Josur” one of the active publishers in the field of Persian language teaching books in Egypt.

On the sidelines of the exhibition, a ceremony entitled “Oriental languages festival” have been held by Egyptian Cultural Assembly in which SAMT’s books welcomed by the Egyptian scholars and Persian language enthusiasts who were visiting the Egyptian Cultural Assembly’s booth.

The forty-eighth Cairo International Book Fair, the largest book fair in the Middle East, was held January 27th to February 10th 2017 in Nasr City.


12:15 - 13/02/2017

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