Research Department

This department provides the contents of university textbooks by composing, authoring and translating books, accomplishing research projects, establishing connections between SAMT and Iranian as well as foreign similar institutes and also evaluating SAMT published books. So far, SAMT has published about 2000 books and textbooks in various fields of humanities (about 40 professional courses) and the process of compiling and printing of about 400 new books, is going on.

The department is divided into two main units:

1- Research Affairs and Evaluation Management

2- Center for Research and Development in the Humanities: The purpose of the center is producing knowledge and accomplishing the research projects by the use of fundamental, extending and applicable approaches.

In more than 25 years of scientific, research and publishing efforts, supported by more than 1000 outstanding university and seminary professors, SAMT is proud of becoming one of the main and basic centers of preparing and producing university textbooks in humanities.

SAMT has established strong cooperation with more than 140 credible universities and research and scientific centers of Iran. The result of this cooperation has been publication of hundreds titles of books in more than one million and six hundred copies.

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