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Translation and publication of the book “Islamic Studies in the West” in Russia

The Organization for Researching and Composing University Textbooks in the Humanities (SAMT) in collaboration with the Islamic Culture Research Foundation in Russia and the Institute for Oriental Studies in Moscow translated and published the book “Islamic Studies in the West” in Russia.

The book “Islamic Studies in the West” by Dr. Mohsen Alviri is used by undergraduate students as a main source for courses like Theology and History and Civilization of Islamic Nations.

The book consists of six chapters comprising topics such as Orientalism and Islamic Studies: General Concepts, the Background of Oriental Studies in the West and its impact on Islamic Studies, viewpoints about Islamic Studies in the West, the Scopes and Fields of Islamic Studies, a variety of activities and their incentives concerning Islamic Studies and the influence of Islamic Studies on Islamic World.


13:29 - 10/10/2016

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