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Translation and publication of two other Books of SAMT in India


Two books of SAMT’s published books named “Introduction to Psychology of Religion” by Masoud Azarbaijani and Seyed Mahdi Mousa Asl and “ The History of Social Thoughts in Islam” by The Research Institute of Howzeh and University have been translated into English language by Seyed Ali Mohammad Naqavi the Professor of Aligarh University of India.

The book “Introduction to Psychology of Religion” is provided as a textbook to the MA and PhD students of Psychology and Theology. It contains 5 chapters in which the definition of Psychology of Religion and theories of 3 well-known psychologists including William James, Freud and Yung have been reviewed with critical approaches.

The book “The history of Social Thoughts in Islam” is provided as a textbook to the BA students of Social Sciences. It contains 6 chapters and its content involved topics like Science in Islam and the social viewpoints of some of Muslim scholars’ such as Abu Nasr Farabi, Abureihan Biruni, Khajeh Nasiredin Tousi and Ebn-e-Khaldun.

 Previously, in the event of SAMT’s international scientific cooperation, two other books named “Principles of Islamic Economics” and “Introduction to Muslim spirituality theology and philosophy” have been translated into English language as the joint works of SAMT organization and Aligarh University of India.


11:56 - 27/07/2016

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