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Dr. Ahmad Ahmadi, the President of SAMT, visited Yunnan University of China

Dr. Ahmad Ahmadi, the president of SAMT, along with the Deputy for Scientific and Technical Supervision of SAMT, arrived at Kunming, the Capital of Yunnan Province, on Thursday, August 24, 2017 and was welcomed by a delegation from Yunnan University.

During the 2-day visit; which is in line of MOU signed between SAMT and the Yunnan University’s Publishing House, Dr. Ahmadi, who was officially invited by the Vice President for the international Affairs and Scientific Researches, while paying a visit to Yunnan University and its Publishing House, had different meetings with the President and Officials of the University.

The mutual agreements include the cooperation between SAMT and Yunnan University in establishing Persian Language Department and donating 200 titles of books in this regard, as well as, collaborating on the compilation and publication of a book in the area of culture, history and civilization of Iran and China.


11:18 - 26/08/2017

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