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SAMT participated in the conference on “Scientific Diplomacy of Islamic Republic of Iran: Theory and Practice”

The conference on “Scientific Diplomacy of Islamic Republic of Iran: Theory and Practice” held in the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences of Allameh Tabatabei University on February 4th, 2017.

The event, attended by scholars, researchers, students as well as scientific diplomacy enthusiasts, held in two sessions including A) Scientific Diplomacy in Theory and B) Scientific Diplomacy in Practice.

In the event of SAMT Organization’s collaboration with universities in scientific and international activities, Dr. Mousavi, Deputy for International Affairs of SAMT, as the first speaker of the conference delivered a speech. Speaking on the occasion Dr. Mousavi referred to his essay “Internationalization by using regional capacities: a strategy for scientific diplomacy of Iran” and said at the first step the difference between internationalization and globalization should be defined. Internationalization is a conscious and planned act and decision for promoting the national capacities while globalization is an inactive behavior with a fatalist notion of inevitable future of all nations that doesn’t consider right place for national capacities.

Dr. Mousavi in ​​his speech by mentioning the definition of scientific diplomacy and its relationship with official diplomacy declared that trying to achieve the national objectives through peaceful ways is the task of diplomacy. National objectives are the decisions made by higher levels of the country and are mentioned in high level documents. Islamic Republic of Iran’s 20-Year Vision Plan is the most important high level document in which the national objectives are determined. Based on this document we say that Islamic Republic of Iran’s scientific diplomacy’s goal is internationalization through using national capacities in cooperation with neighboring countries of Iran.

 In addition to opening and closing speeches of the conference, 12 scientific essays have been presented, the proceedings of which will be published accordingly.


11:17 - 25/02/2017

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